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Machine Learning for Kids

Choose from a variety of hands-on activities that introduce simple machine learning models to students through games and interactive projects.


Activity Duration

1 – 4 Hours

Preparation Time

30 Minutes


Estimated Cost of Materials

no cost

Audience Age

6 – 19+



Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning


English, Swedish, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Latin American)


In this Activity Kit, you will help students train simple machine-learning models and use them to play games and complete interactive projects. This Activity Kit introduces students to the principles and implications of machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this activity, you and your students will input data and the machine creates links that help it answer questions that are not in the data. You can pick from over two dozen activities to fit your time and audience age requirements.

This activity kit will require the following resources:

  • An IBM Cloud account for the instructor
  • Experience with the programming language Scratch is helpful but not required
  • Students must have computers with internet access - sharing one computer between 2-3 students works well


1. Learn

  1. Become familiar with the Machine Learning for Kids site and available activities.

  2. Learn more about IBM Cloud.