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ecx.io helps Vorwerk to unite tea culture and digitisation

12. February 2019 – ADOBEBLOGHYBRIS / SAP

We have launched a complete online platform for the Temial brand of the Vorwerk Group from Wuppertal. Temial is an in-house startup from Vorwerk and developed the innovation of the same name for the traditional company. The innovative tea machine was introduced in May this year after a design phase of several years. The smart machine combines the traditional preparation of tea with the convenience of digital technologies.

E-commerce system with scalable online shop

We have set up an e-commerce system with a scalable online shop for Vorwerk Temial based on SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX). The shop and data can be maintained with the integrated Content Management System (CMS) including product cockpit. SAP CX is compatible with and linked to the systems used by Vorwerk Temial.
The Content Management System was later enhanced with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). This ensures a flexible frontend and thereby easy operation. For example, forms and page creation have been simplified on the Temial platform. In addition, content modules are available for web content management and frontend. This makes the website appealing and flexible.

[su_quote cite=”Armin Meraner (Head of E-Commerce & Online Marketing International, Vorwerk Temial)”]With the ecx.io team we have gained a very strong partner and developed a modern, flexible and attractive webshop. The solution offers us a lot of opportunities to generate revenue, but also to feature interesting and well-presented content.[/su_quote]

Features for customer retention and a positive customer experience

The Temial platform is characterised by numerous features. Product categories for teas and accessories provide a good overview. Customers can choose between seven different payment methods via the checkout service. A customer can log into their own account to gain an overview of their orders. They can also easily find out the location of the nearest Vorwerk store via the shop locator.
In addition, the ‘Advisor Portal’ gives Vorwerk Temial consultants the opportunity to plan tea parties and maintain customer contacts. A personal service and close customer loyalty can be achieved at the same time via the digital channel. In order to understand the customer’s interaction on the website, a tracking tool has been installed that allows a long-term user-centred approach to customers.

About Temial:

Temial is a business division of the Vorwerk Group which has its headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany. The core business of the family company founded in 1883 is the production and sale of high-quality products. Since the middle of 2018, this has included the Temial system with the smart tea machine, a variety of teas and a selection of matching accessories. Temial combines advanced technology with tradition stretching back thousands of years and embodies the fusion of an entrepreneurial spirit and a flair for trends. In particular, the combination of the authentic, transparent infusion process and modern features, such as the use of special Temial codes for the perfect setting of infusion parameters and the control via the app, are second to none. Further information at temial.vorwerk.de.